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Safety Health Policy - Work Safe

The safety and health policy of Knight Industrial Services is based on the firm conviction that accidents, which cause personal injury or loss of assets, can and should be prevented. No area of company business is of greater importance than the safety and health of the men and women working at Knight Industrial Services.

Knight Industrial Services will strive to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment by utilizing rules, procedures, and training pursuant to this goal.

The management encourages individual responsibility and supports a climate of safety awareness and consistent enforcement of the safety program. It is the responsibility of each employee to comply with safety rules and to work in such a manner as to prevent injuries to themselves and others.

The goal of this company is to perform the highest quality service as efficiently as possible while maintaining the safety and health of employees to the highest possible standard. —- Marc Knight, CEO

New Hire Training

New Hire Training All new employees must attend a orientation, which include work safe , process and procedural training and individual responsibility requirements.


All employees complete Houston Area Safety Council Basic plus and site specific training including demonstrations,lectures, and multimedia programs.

Safety Meetings

All employees must attend a weekly Health and Safety meetings which includes Injury and Illness Prevention Programs and Ergonomics Training

Work Site Safety

Every job has a Safety and Health plan designed around the specific job and/or environment. Work Site Safety is our Number One Priority

Operator Qualifications

We continue to evolve protocols which ensures that our operators have the most up-to-date OQ requirements to increase Pipeline Safety Awareness


DOT and NON-DOT drug and alcohol testing. Knight Industrial Services promotes a Drug and Alcohol Free Work Environment


A Transportation Workers Identification Credential ensures only vetted workers are eligible to gain unescorted access to secure areas

Background Checks

All Knight Industrial Services employees have passed a thorough background check which insures a safe work environment for our employees and clients


All Knight Industrial Services employees follow Worksafe Observations & Job Safety Analysis according to job site specifications and requirements